DNA Reports

DNA Reporting looks at variations in our genes, known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These variations can impact your health in a number of ways that can include; enzyme function, nutrient metabolism and protein expression. These essential biological functions can have a huge impact on your mood, digestion, sleep and detoxification capabilities. 

The DNA testing utilised is not a diagnostic tool to confirm or rule out suspected genetic conditions. The SNPs show the impact on biological functions and give insight into why certain therapies may be effective, and what help you may need along the way. The help will be itemised in an individualised treatment protocol, outlining recommended diet, supplement and lifestyle modifications. 

DNA reports offered by Tao Naturopathic Health enable more targeted treatment strategies and better patient outcomes. The knowledge of how your body works from a biochemical point of view is extremely empowering and will give you the building blocks and motivation to make the changes you need. Welcome to the brave new world of personalised medicine, are you ready to dive in?

Outlines oxidative stress response, cell oxygenation and detoxification capacity to certain pharmaceutical medications, environmental pollutants, drugs and alcohol.

Outlines the influence of key metabolic pathways that may increase risk factors for diabetes, depression, reproductive issues, cardiovascular disease and cognitive dysfunction.

Outlines personalised nutritional advice associated with the metabolism of vitamins A, C, D and B12, as well as folate, glutathione and CoQ10. This report supports health maintenance and prevention of chronic illness.

Outlines production, function and metabolism of key neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, histamine and GABA. These pathways can identify key contributing factors for anxiety, depression and cognitive decline.

Outlines underlying influences that may affect reproductive and endocrine health issues. Offers insight into oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormone function as well as impacts of SNPs on your MTHFR gene.

What about my privacy?

Encrypted patient databases mean information is inaccessible to unauthorised individuals. SSL certificates are implemented over a range of electronic applications ensuring information security, compliant with Australian Privacy Laws. Your results will not be shared with third parties such as insurance companies. 

DNA samples are kept indefinitely so you remain up to date on new research findings specific to your results. Patients can request their DNA sample be destroyed at any time.

It's expensive, why?

Did you know that the first human genome sequencing cost $2.7 billion and 15 years to complete! Thankfully, technology is advancing rapidly and the presence of laboratories offering the service is increasing, which is keeping costs affordable. 

Pricing differs due to the testing complexities, for example, testing for a single gene mutation is much less expensive than testing an array of genes, or high complexity tests. It is important for patients to understand that their genetics do not change, so the reports and recommendations will be lifelong, and a worthwhile investment.

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