I worked for several years in the mining and maritime industries, so I understand a few key points about the FIFO lifestyle

It is hard work. Long hours, and often results in poor sleep or sleep quality, messes up the circadian rhythm and causes major fatigue. Fatigue has a knock-on effect to hormones such as melatonin and cortisol, further affecting mood and metabolism. We look at diet and targeted supplements such as B12, Vitamin D and Iron to help combat fatigue and all that goes along with it.

Food out on site is not the best! But let’s face it, there’s no love in a bain-marie… nutrition is important, so if you can’t get it in your food, you can try to increase your supplementation. I’ve seen your giant tins of protein powder, trust me – that’s not the way forward! But wait, there are still ways to get more nutrients in to your food onsite, we just need to discuss some creative ideas.

FOMO. Yes, you miss out on so much, away from family and friends and you just don’t feel great about it. You know you’re doing it for a greater cause, but sometimes that’s hard to remember. Mental health, well-being and self-care is just as important as bringing home the bacon! 

There are huge number of factors that make your time onsite good or bad, and while we can’t eliminate all of them with a Take-5, we can make some changes so the good hopefully outweighs the bad. For FIFO clients, we offer;

  • Skype consults and site visits (where allowable)
  • Realistic Diet/Nutrition Plans, considering limitations of site kitchens
  • Targeted practitioner only supplements and herbs
  • Ordering system through allows any practitioner products to be sent to where you are. That means if you are on a construction roster, you don’t have to take a bag full of supplies to site, you can simply order them online when you need them and they will be sent directly to site. Toll express generally arrives within 24hrs

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