Mental Health

Stress? Anxiety? Depression? Mood swings?
It is rare to see patients not suffering from mental health concerns today.
We are encouraged to be resilient, however, have you considered what helps resilience? 
– 5 million dollars and a tropical island? 

Yes, it would help, but the tangible solutions are






Vitamins & Minerals

In the last 10 years antidepressant use has more than doubled, however findings still suggest that mental health conditions such as depression, are still under treated. This is due to many people snubbing the use of antidepressant medication because of social stigma, implied discrimination and exclusion. Not only that, but antidepressants can cause unpleasant side effects and create dependency issues in many people. Under-medicating or over-medicating is an ever-present problem, and it all comes back to the way our individual bodies process certain drugs, food and nutrients. To find your personalised reactions, we offer comprehensive DNA Reporting. 

Many mental health conditions are associated with inflammation in the brain, which commences in the gut and is associated with a lack of nutrients, and associated co-factors in the diet. We consider zinc, magnesium, omega 3, vitamins B and D all essential influences in brain function and mental health, and with the vast amount of research into the gut/brain axis and the gut microbiome, probiotic and nutrigenomic treatments are just as important. 

Many holistic practitioners believe there is an emotional root cause to our existing health concerns. For instance, will gastric sleeve surgery really fix the problem we see with weight gain and unhealthy food choices? Or will the patient now be eating less, of the same bad food, which means even less nutrients available to make the body run? Believe it or not, this results in malnutrition, and is a very real problem in western society today. If we target the real cause of the overeating, or poor food choices we see genuine and lasting progress.

What is making you sick?

Understanding your strengths and vulnerabilities will keep you well, long after your treatment is complete. At Tao Health, one of our main aims is to empower people to make real, ongoing changes in their lives that makes you excited to wake up every day! We want you to go beyond getting better, to feeling the best you’ve ever been. 

Mental health is a complex issue and we aim to treat the patient with a personalised biochemical and genetic approach that include some of the following

  • Individualised DNA reporting
  • Targeted nutritional supplement & herbal prescriptions
  • Nutrition plans, recipe advice and help
  • Self-care and mindfulness referral and practice
  • Exercise
  • Specialist referral to other modalities and health practitioners that can help

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